Smart News January 2023

Happy New Year!!! We hope you had a fantastic holiday period and feel refreshed, motivated and inspired for the year ahead. 54 schools registered for the Koala Smart lesson plans over the past year which brings the total number of schools involved to almost 140.  How awesome will the effect of this be! So many children (and their families), throughout Australia will recognise the need for change, for protection and conservation. Our goal though, is to have all schools registered, and everyone aware of what is happening to the Koala habitat. We need your help to share the excitement too!

We are excited to hear about all the fantastic projects and excursions you have planned for your classroom. That’s why we created a Facebook Group where we can all communicate, share ideas, be inspired, ask each other and connect with other teachers who are on the same path of education in our own local communities. Our brand ambassadors will be on this page too, so if you need some motivation and recognition, this is a great place to start! It is set up as a private group, so please add yourself to the group, answer the questions and we will welcome you. Join here:

There is a lot happening behind the scenes in Koala Smart and we will be releasing new content very soon, so stay tuned on our social media pages and remember to tag us #koalasmart

A message from Janice, Koala Smart’s CO-Founder and Chair

Hello Smartees!  Another year lies before us filled with opportunities to make a difference. Exciting additions have been made to the Koala Smart suite of resources – mostly in the shape of fabulous people with a wealth of knowledge that they’re eager to share with you and your students. This has been made possible following Koala Smart’s inclusion in the NSW State Government’s Koala Strategy. Community education campaigns, tree propagation, planting, and koala counts are just some initiatives. Share ideas and inspire others to make change for the better…for our environment, for our koalas