Teacher Toolkit

1. Tune In & Build Empathy


Tuning in is about our first experience of focusing on the issue of saving the koala. Empathy is about the ability to share the feelings of perspectives of others.


To provide a common, memorable experience that is in line with the context, resources and needs of the cohort. This activity should set the tone, outline the rationale and be a reference point for the group.


Watch & Discuss

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital



Visit & Engage

Create an Excursion

Watch & Discuss:

An introduction to Koala Smart and why we need your help to save the koalas.

Play Video
Play Video

Visit & Engage

Create an Excursion

Use One of our examples, or create your own!


Bush Walk

Explore a local bush area where students can discover the Koala's natural habitat.


Animal Shelter

Visit an animal shelter where students can learn how local wildlife is rescued, rehabilitated and released.


Tree Planting

Participate in a local tree-planting day where students can learn the importance of different species of trees and how long it takes for a tree to grow.

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