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A living Australian icon, the koala is one of the world’s most loved animals. There are a
multitude of dangers and threats to the koala’s survival. As an individual, saving a species
is just about impossible. But, collectively, we can make a big difference.

Koala Smart lays out seven comprehensive and motivating steps for you and your
students to develop a project that could help save the koala.

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How Koala Smart lessons and associated learning activities relate to curriculum and cross- curriculum priorities.

STep 1: Tune In & Build Empathy

Build a connection with Koalas by taking an excursion, real or virtual, to understand the problems facing koalas today.

Visit a local animal shelter, koala reserve or local wildlife park
An introduction video for Primary Students to understand why koalas are disappearing.
An Introduction on Why Koalas Need your help to Save them

And don't forget about our EXCLUSIVE virtual school excursion to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital!

Step 2: KNOW & UNderstand

6 core lessons

6 Core lessons that offer essential knowledge and perspectives about koalas and the threats the species faces. All the lessons are aligned with relevant curriculum and are differentiated for Primary and Secondary students in their questions and outcomes.

STep 3: Connect To Experts

Hear from a range of experts, in our exclusive interviews with a diverse group of people who wish to save the koalas. These interviews and profiles will show the range of perspectives and careers involved in saving the koala.

Martin Smith
Rebecca Montague-Drake
Linda Sparrow

Step 4: Define a Focus

Choose how you want to help save the koalas. Design a solution, create action and deepen your understanding in specific areas or continue to research & advocate for koalas.

Koala Smart’s “Critical Friends” are here to help, remember to submit an outline of the concept being developed for expert guidance and/or feedback.


Design Thinking

Huntingdon Public min




Step 5: Choose a Path

Follow the disciplined process for your chosen path to develop your solution.

Design Thinking




Research & Inquiry




Step 6: Test & Share

Bring everyone together to share and celebrate their journey of creation and discovery in becoming Koala Smart.

Submit your solution to Koala Smart, we review all submissions and collaborate with our partners, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital with the goal of applying your ideas in the real world.

24_10 Wauchope Public group[36558]-min
Koala Smart Project 2019 drew a large crowd at Port Panthers.

Step 7: Reflect & Dream BIG!

Reflect on your journey with a hypothetical exercise allowing students to moonshot, inspiring them beyond Koala Smart!