Koala Smart

Program Participation Agreement

Program Participation Agreement

Updated November 2022

KOALA SMART has evolved as a SCHOOL participation conservation project with the goal of
educating current generations, plus inspiring and driving change in the local community.
It is currently supported by the NSW Koala Strategy.
Content available to teachers and students via www.koalasmart.org.au has been crafted to align
with the NSW, Victorian, and Australian curriculums and offers multiple avenues to explore while
meeting Primary and Secondary education targets.
The ultimate purpose of participating in Koala Smart is to deliver a practical concept which can be
applied in the real world.

School Participation
Commitment: Schools will be asked to commit to active participation when registering on the
website. This involves connecting with Koala Smart and giving due consideration to making use of
resources (which may come in the form of funding, mentors, guest speakers, or environmental
professionals) to achieve a real-world practical outcome.

Conservation goals: Consider the threats facing koala populations and outline what could be done
to address the problem if the resources were made available. The response may take the
perspective of “Action” or “Advocacy” but should be focused on making a positive change for the

Connecting with Critical Friends and Experts in the Field
Koala Smart can connect you with a Critical Friend for program support. You can also take
advantage of being connected with conservationists, educators, or other volunteers or
professionals who can provide value and guidance on your classroom’s project. Please email
[email protected] or complete the Critical Friend Request form to be connected to an
appropriate expert.
Please note that in our Privacy Policy it mentions we do provide your basic contact details to
Critical Friends in your area. You might be contacted by one of them to offer his/her support during
your Koala Smart journey.

Resources, Images and Content provided on this website CANNOT be reproduced without the
express written consent of Koala Smart. This does not include publicly available resources that are
linked within our content.
By registering for this program, you are providing permission for Koala Smart to use materials
submitted to Koala Smart as part of media promotion, public displays, and website/social media
Koala Smart will NOT publish student full names, images, or videos of students without permission

from the school. Koala Smart may request permission through written communications. Schools
are responsible for ensuring that consent has been granted by the student’s parent or guardian
before approving permission to Koala Smart.
Koala Smart provides links to other resources considered to assist in the learning program. Koala
Smart is not responsible for the views or information displayed on other sites.
By registering for this program, you are agreeing to these terms.