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Koala Smart

Program Participation Agreement

Program Participation Agreement


What will you do to save the koala?

KOALA SMART has evolved as a SCHOOL participation project with the goal of educating, inspiring and driving change in the local community. It is supported by the NSW Koala Strategy and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Content available to teachers and students via It has been crafted to align with the curriculum and offer multiple avenues to explore in the course of addressing the driving question: What will you do to save the koala?

The ultimate purpose of the program is to deliver a practical concept which can be applied in the real world.

School Participation

Commitment: Schools will need to commit to participation in the project when registering on the website. This ensures students receive feedback and enables Koala Smart to identify possible real-world applications of their work.

Addressing the Question: Consider the threats facing koala populations and outline what could be done to address the problem if the resources were made available. The response may take the perspective of “Action” or “Advocacy” and be delivered via digital media, artistic/mixed media, or dramatic representation.

Optional: “Connecting with “Critical Friends”.
Once reaching Step 4: ‘Defining a Focus and Pathway’, consider requesting guidance from a skilled advisor. Submit a CONCEPT OUTLINE to connect with an appropriate expert or experienced volunteer.   Concept Outlines can be submitted via the Critical Friends Submission form available on

In order that feedback reaches your students before the school year ends, please send your submissions to Koala Smart by the end of the THIRD WEEK of TERM 4, this can be completed by filling out the Final Project Submissions form available on

Resources, Images and Content provided on this website CANNOT be reproduced without the express written consent of Koala Smart and the Tacking Point Lions Club. This does not include publicly available resources that are linked within our content.

By registering for this program you are providing permission for Koala Smart to use materials submitted to Koala Smart as part of media promotion, public displays and website/social media usage. 

Koala Smart will NOT publish student full names, images or videos of students without permission from the school. Koala Smart may request permission through written communications. Schools are responsible for ensuring that consent has been granted by the student’s parent or guardian before approving permission to Koala Smart.

Koala Smart provides links to other resources considered to assist in the learning program, Koala Smart is not responsible for the views or information displayed on other sites.

By registering for this program you are agreeing to these terms.