Stage 6 – Implementation

RESOURCES: Lions Club Partners such as environmental, community and service groups, and relevant local government authorities. The choice depends on the type of project(s) being implemented.

BUDGET: Depends on the projects being implemented.

Which projects are possible to implement? Guidance offered by Saving our Species.
Will the supporting Lions Club apply for Corporate or government grants?
Is another partner better placed to make such applications? (Consider charitable status)


  1. Look to your local community and discuss opportunities and needs with Council officers, National Parks and Wildlife Service, and recognised environmental groups.
  2. Stay in touch with the relevant school(s). It is very likely that their extended school community will be willing to assist with implementation and some of the necessary skills could exist amongst the parent body.
  3. Publicise the successes, let the community know what is happening and ask for further involvement if needed.

(Coming Soon)

Local Council(s)
School P&C
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, including Saving our Species
Department of Education

RECORDS: Projects to be implemented => timeline
Grant application(s) if required

CALENDAR: to be determined at a local level