Stage 5 – Public Exhibition

RESOURCES: Lions member with event organising capability.
Prizes – seek sponsorship or donations from school-related businesses (such as office supply, hardware, uniform, shops) if prizes are being given.

BUDGET: $500 – $2000 depending on the scale of the event for room hire, refreshments, prizes, etc.

Arrange suitable hall/room hire, order refreshments for judges and officials
Prizes – how many prizes will be awarded i.e. winner, runner up, most deserving?
Will a People’s Choice be offered – public to vote for their favourite entry?


  1. Additional insurance may be necessary if school equipment (technology) is being borrowed for display purposes.
  2. Consider hiring a community hall or a room at a local sport or service club. Local shopping centres often have courtyards or large areas set aside for ‘Pop Up’ retail or displays. Community service rates often apply or rates may be waived entirely. Also consider any partners with a charitable status as property owners often give more favourable rates as their “loss” can be countered as a charitable donation.
  3. If both secondary and primary schools are involved, supply one main prize for each level.
  4. Design a poster promoting your event. Save as a JPEG as this is easiest to post on Facebook (which many schools use). Email schools asking them to help spread the word and encourage their parents and friends to attend.
  5. Provide media outlets with a Press Release which outlines WHAT is happening, WHO is involved, and WHEN the critical times will be. Include a contact name and phone number and offer to provide photos. Be sure to credit relevant sponsors and supporters.
  6. Encouraging the public to vote enables an estimate of the number of people reached during the course of the displays. This information is valuable to sponsors as well as the environmental groups wishing to get their message out.

(Coming Soon)

Local Mayor(s)
Media – local newspaper, TV, and radio stations
Department of Education
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, including Saving our Species

RECORDS: Reconfirm that Permission to Publish forms have been received from all schools.

CALENDAR: Conduct public exhibition by 24 October 2020