Stage 3 – Addressing the Question

RESOURCES: Lion Club member(s) to keep in contact with schools and connect ‘Critical Friends’



  1. Each school will decide the format of their submission. Choices include (but are not limited to) Creative (dramatic, audio-visual, mixed media); Environmental science; Computer science; Practical (physical solutions for home or community use); Social (influencing the community to make behavior changes); or Advocacy (such as working to convince Council to make a decision that favours koalas).
  2. Liaise with schools to encourage use of ‘Critical Friends’ to gain advice on content and direction.
  3. Review Submission Outlines to ensure software compatibility for judges (this will reduce issues at time of submission) – you may need to prompt schools to provide this form.
  4. Video productions are limited to 3 minutes – you may need to remind schools of the guidelines addressed in the Overview document.
  5. If schools are submitting an artwork, be sure they include an explanation of how it was made, what the aim of it is, and what KOALA SMART goal it addresses.
  6. If a “device” or “product” is the intended result, request detailed plans/drawings and include a description of the device along with an explanation of how it is to be used. A prototype would be ideal but certainly not compulsory.

Koala Smart Overview

Critical Friends – Environmental professional(s) to mentor students
Council Environment Officer; wildlife expert; local conservation group (e.g. Landcare).
NSW Government Saving Our Species Program – midpoint advice on project content and direction

RECORDS: Submission Outlines and Permission to Publish from each school.

Submission Outlines and Permission to Publish due 3 July 2020
Completed submission due 27 August 2020