Stage 2 – School Commitment

RESOURCES: Lion Club member(s)

BUDGET: $100 – for corflute sign or posters if being used

How many schools are ideal for your club and your location? Note: 25 schools participated in Mid North Coast in 2019


  1. Schools of all sizes can be involved as there is no limit (minimum or maximum) on the number of students involved. But each school is limited to ONE final submission this year. It may be possible for younger students to work in groups on various ideas or particular threats to the species as part of the learning process. Then one option/problem is chosen for further development as the final submission by the more senior students in the school.
  2. Students and teachers are to be encouraged to form relationships with local environment and conservation experts and draw from their experience. The KOALA SMART website houses current data from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, and the Mid North Coast Joint Organisation Koala Recovery Program.
  3. Teachers already have a very busy schedule and may be concerned that KOALA SMART means additional work. Make sure your initial discussion emphasises that KOALA SMART is a Project Based Learning opportunity which aligns with the NSW curriculum. Resources, Power Point presentations, sample lesson plans, and suggested additional contacts are all supplied via the KOALA SMART website.
  4. If you are in a rural community with few schools, consider teaming up with a neighbouring Lions Club and combining areas. Involving a number of schools heightens the interest amongst teachers and the communities involved.
  5. Update the KOALA SMART overview and refer schools to examples of 2019 submissions on website.
  6. To help you keep track of information, we suggest you keep the register updated.

Koala Smart Overview
School Agreement
Submission Outline
Permission to Publish
Register for schools and stakeholders

Schools – One main school contact who will champion the project at each school.
Environment groups or local experts

RECORDS: Signed School Agreement from each school, school register/database