Stage 1 – Lions Commitment

RESOURCES: At least two (2) Lions members willing to liaise with teachers to champion the projects, and promote Koala Smart in local media.
Capabilities: excellent communication & public relations skills, internet & mobile phone connectivity


Will your club’s website include a link to the Koala Smart website?
Consider suitable sponsors and incentives for school participation.


  1. Make contact with schools in your area or in neighbouring Lions areas if those clubs not to be involved. Once the school is on board only 1 or 2 Lions will be needed to maintain contact with the teachers. Towards the end of the school year additional Lions should be encouraged to be involved, view the entries, assist with public presentations, and finally, drive the implementation of ideas deemed achievable.
  2. Make contact with any other relevant professional or volunteer organisation in your area which could assist the schools and help develop their ideas. Encourage the teacher to use this “Critical Friend” as a resource.
  3. Don’t be afraid to contact your local Council – many Councils are recognizing that they are now having to deal with some poor decisions made decades ago and are more inclined to listen to community concerns. Koala Smart aims to address those concerns and develop possible solutions via school communities. Mistakes may have been made in the past, but that doesn’t mean that the same mistakes need to continue.
  4. To enable you to talk to school Principals, begin exploring your existing network of friends and contacts. There may be a natural link with at least one school. If not, make contact with the Education Director in your school district. See directory on Koala Smart website.

Club Agreement
Media Release

Community partners

RECORDS: Club Agreement, media release

CALENDAR: Signed Agreement to be returned to Tacking Point Lions Club