Habitat Helpers

Koala Escape Pole

Imagine this: you spend a day or two away from home and when you return there’s a massive fence preventing you from getting in. What do you do? Now imagine if your house was destroyed.  The plan then would be to try and rebuild. But what if a six-lane highway ran through where your home once stood? These scenarios are simplifications of a daily occurrence in the lives of many of our native wildlife. So, when development puts koalas and other wildlife out of house and home, assistance accessing their usual territory or an alternative refuge needs to be found or built.  And that is exactly what Habi-Tec does. The term ‘Fauna Furniture’ has been coined (by someone much smarter than I). The clever folk at Habi-Tec create escape and refuge poles, nesting boxes, and even homes for termites and native bees! Some schools are located within or nearby koala habitat. Fencing constructed around the school to protect people or manage traffic can pose a significant problem for wildlife. Poles like the one pictured above right are often made of local, recycled hardwood. The high fence in this photo essentially obstructs the natural passage of koalas in the area. These Fauna Escape Poles enable koalas to safely continue their journey to find food, water, shelter, or perhaps even a mate.

Fauna Pole

Devices made to mimic the koala’s natural environment are also used in wildlife sanctuaries and hospitals.  Koala Poles like the one here can be made to a specified size and even have “resting pegs” installed.  Resting pegs can also be fixed onto live trees. This is sometimes done to help koalas in captivity develop the confidence to climb larger trees.  An essential skill to ensure koalas released back into the wild are able to successfully climb trees to reach good supplies of gum leaf.

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